My artwork depicts the sublime beauty of the coastal landscape, with a focus on its distinctive formations and the architecture that surrounds it. Using a variety of printmaking techniques, primarily the reduction linocut method, I aim to create a dynamic and textured representation of this environment that is both complex and unique.

The reduction printmaking technique is particularly important to my work as it allows me to create multi-coloured images from a single block, layering different colours and textures. As I carve away the block, I create an image that has a distinctive texture and depth. The repetitive cutting of the linocut block replicates the way the sea cuts at the coast, slowly eroding and shaping these formations over time.

This process is time-consuming and challenging, but the end result captures the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of the coast. My colour palette is predominantly blues, greys, blacks, and browns, reflecting the volatile colours of the sea and the land. The use of layers in my prints allows me to explore the interplay between the natural and man-made elements that shape the coastal environment.

By depicting the coastal architecture that surrounds the cliffs, I aim to convey the resilience, adaptability and creativity that we use when faced with this environment. Through my artwork, I seek to capture the atmosphere of the coast and its enduring nature. By exploring the relationship between natural and man-made elements, I hope to create a visual narrative looking at the resilience we create around the powerful and unpredictable territory.